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"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Toddlers  Age 12 to 24 months​

We promise your child's experiences at Pirulo's Child Care & Learning Center will be educational, fun and safe.

Pirulo’s Child Care encourages children's natural curiosity learning through play and hands on education program. Our Bilingual staff plan daily activities to encourage exploration of the world around them. Children enjoy a variety of music in different activities, during nap, play and circle time. We also involve music during outdoor activities such as dancing, climbing, running and jumping. We provide support to the children throughout the different stages of their development such as:

Daily Experiences: learn to eat without assistance and drink from a cup, and self-care like washing hands often and bathroom skills.

Fine and Motor Skills: Learning coordination, climbing jumping, and how to use the pincher grasp, finger paint, play with puzzles etc. 

Sensorial: Identifying different textures, sounds, colors, shapes, smells and tastes.

Language: We promote a second language, and encourage them to use complete sentences, match words to objects, name pictures in books and sing Bilingual nursery rhymes to increase their vocabulary. 

Social and Emotional: Our curriculum contemplates a variety of activities that promote children’s socio- emotional skills.

​Preschoolers 3 to 5 years old

Pirulo's Child Care & Learning Center provides preschool education and support to the children in different areas of Child Development. Our staff promote learning through play in the following areas of Child Development:

Social/Emotional Development:  children’s ability to interact successfully with their peer group, and relate easily to adults. They will learn to recognize and express their own feelings more effectively. They gain experience understanding and responding to the emotions of others.

Music and Movement:  These activities are designed to help develop your child’s large muscle control, their coordination, and their overall physical fitness. We encourage the children to enjoy listen and dance to a diversity of cultural music like bachata, salsa, vallenato, merengue, etc.

Fine and Gross Motor: We give the children the opportunity to build upon their fine and gross motor skills by helping them to gain control over their bodies. When children play imaginary games, they run, jump, and climb.  This develops their speed, endurance, balance and strength. Fine motor skills are developed through exploration and imagination by using their small muscle.

Cognitive:  When implementing our curriculum, the goal is to promote Learning, Thinking Abilities and General Knowledge. Children differ in how they approach new tasks, difficult problems, or challenges. These activities will encourage your child’s curiosity, interest, and attention.  This area helps your child figure out how the world works, improving problem-solving ability and abstract thinking.  We support their curiosity using didactic games to teach math, encourage science and experiments making learning a fun experience for your child.

Language:  As a bilingual and bicultural preschool, Pirulo's promotes Literacy, music and communication in different languages.

These activities will help your child learn to express themselves and to better understand others . Early reading and writing skills are  targeted motivating the love of books

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